Travel$ense Technical Support

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Connection Checklist

The following procedures resolve nearly all problems in connecting to the airline reservation system, If you still are unable to retrieve airline flight and fare data after checking the items on this list, e-mail

Check your Travel$ense version number.

Within Travel$ense, select Help, About... on the menubar.

You must have Travel$ense Release 3.3 or higher in order to connect to the airline reservation system. Users with Release 3.x may download the latest Release 3 update viaTravel$ense Support. Users with Release 1.x or 2.x must purchase the Travel$ense Release 3 Upgrade via the online order form.

Check your Internet connection.

Ensure that modem/network connections are viable by using your Web browser to visit

Check that you entered a valid Travelocity Login Name and Password in Travel$ense.

Go to click upper left (flights) to get login page and enter your login name and password (or click on signup if you need to) If your browser prompts you to login with an id or password during this, your connection is blocking Travel$ense and this will need to be changed. Alternatively you can use an 'unblocked' dial up connection that avoids your proxy server.

If your browser displays a security alert prior to changing to secure mode, this too blocks Travel$ense and must be turned off. If you proxy server 'forces' this setting on you then this needs to be changed or you will need to use a different internet connection.

Review Internet Settings

Travel$ense requires certain Internet settings in order to retrieve airline flight and fare data. Most connection problems will be solved after changing your Internet setting to match the settings below – if you have steps 1-4. To view your computer's Internet settings go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Intneret Settings.

  • General Tab: History
    • Keep at least one day of history.
  • Advanced Tab –
    • Scroll down to Security
      • Accept all cookies.
      • Make sure SSL options are checked.
      • Make sure "Warn when changing between secure and non-secure sites" is NOT checked.
  • Security Tab
    • Select medium or low security only.
  • Connection Tab
    • Proxy server should not be checked if using a modem.
    • Connect via LAN should not be check if using a modem
    • Choose no automatic configuration. (click on Configure button to check that it is blank, clear it out if not)

You will need to reboot to get any changes to take effect within Travel$ense. If you are on a network, you should also recheck all the settings to make sure your proxy server does not change them back (if so, you will need a different connection).