Travel$ense Sample Reports

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Summary Reports

The sample reports below are PDF files.

  • Summary Report

    Summary Report

    Lists totals for all trips within a given date range by trip status. This report can be run for all trips, for trips taken by a business aircraft (column 1, 2 or 3) or for trips taken by airline, according to the trip status setting on Tab 1. It can be run for one or more billing codes across any of these trips.

  • Personal Summary Report

    Personal Summary Report

    Lists time totals for all trips within a given date range, trip status and for a selected individual.

  • Business Aircraft Performance Report

    Business Aircraft Performance Report

    Combines the Summary Report with a large suite of statistics for a selected business aircraft, such as medians, minimums, maximums and averages. The report excludes any possible confidential identifying information. No company names, identifying defaults, trip city pairs, aircraft or passenger data is included in the report.