Travel$ense Sample Reports

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Individual Trip Reports

The sample reports below are PDF files.

  • Trip Report

    Trip Report

    An analysis, designed for management review, of the currently viewed trip. It includes paragraph length summaries of the unquantified benefits of business aircraft use, and definitions for the terms used on the report.

  • Short Trip Report

    Short Trip Report

    Provides just the data for the currently viewed trip. Both the benefits of business aircraft cover page and the definitions end page are omitted.

  • Detailed Trip Report

    Detailed Trip Report

    Lists a large amount of data for the currently viewed trip, including the times and expenses for each passenger.

  • Personal Trip Report

    Personal Trip Report

    Shows data for a single passenger on the currently opened trip. It does not provide financial results but instead focuses on the schedules provided by the travel options and the time savings obtained by using one over another.

  • Meetings Schedule Report

    Meetings Schedule Report

    Lists all of the meetings created for all passengers on this trip at the top. This is followed by a leg-by-leg schedule for each business aircraft covering the passenger manifest, ground travel time and flights.

  • Airline Flights Report

    Airline Flights Report

    Combines a complete listing of all flights obtained from the airline reservation system with fare details for all prices obtained.