Standards of Excellence in Business Aviation (SEBA)

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NBAA's Standards of Excellence in Business Aviation (SEBA) Program was created to encourage continuing education practices within the business aviation community. The program was developed by the NBAA Operations Committee in collaboration with the Association's Flight Attendants, Schedulers & Dispatchers and Maintenance Committees.

Program Objectives and Overview

The objectives of this program are:

  • Clearly define industry training standards
  • Promote the use of standardized training practices
  • Communicate industry best practices
  • Support the career development programs of business aviation professionals throughout the industry

The SEBA Program is composed of six categories, based on the primary operations disciplines with the business aviation community. These categories are:

  • Fixed-Wing Flightcrew
  • Rotor-Wing Flighcrew
  • Maintenance
  • Flight Attendant/Flight Technician
  • Scheduler/Dispatcher
  • Ground Support

Within each category, various training levels are defined based upon the operational requirements and career progression milestones of each respective discipline. Individual training requirements are defined in each level to determine the specific training programs required to achieve a knowledge base that equals or exceeds the defined standard.

The SEBA Program offers guidance and recommendations for employee education and development within each business aviation discipline. 

Common Questions About SEBA

What is SEBA?

The Standards of Excellence in Business Aviation (SEBA) Program is a technical career training path.

What does it accomplish?

  • SEBA provides a road map for those seeking to improve skills or for entry level employees who don’t know how to proceed.
  • It assists individuals who do not have management aspirations.
  • It becomes an employment tool for those who have progressed through SEBA levels.

Is any specific vendor training required?

 No.  All vendor, academic, and in-house training programs are eligible.

Why are various levels developed for each discipline?

First, the specific levels have been developed for each discipline to define the leading industry training objectives for employees with varying experience levels. Next, the various levels have also been developed to support the training needs based upon Member Company size and mission profile.

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