Schedulers Professional Development Program Course Objectives

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The following SPDP objectives were adoped on November 5, 2010

As an offshoot of the Association's main Professional Development Program, NBAA's Schedulers Professional Development Program (SPDP) provides course offerings designated to meet the needs of schedulers and dispatchers.

The SPDP curriculum objectives are guides to assist educational providers in the development of training options for schedulers and dispatchers. Within a curriculum, a given course may cover several objectives or only one objective. Each objective must be covered in its entirety in a single course and not split between courses.

The SPDP objectives are not intended to cover everything that needs to be taught in flight department management. Rather, they are meant to provide guidance on the practical aspects of dealing with flight department management that should be included in the curriculum for schedulers and dispatchers. NBAA will use this outline to keep curriculum providers abreast of relevant issues appropriate for this audience.

SPDP Objectives are divided into six specialized modules: Business Management, Human Resources (formerly Personnel Management), Leadership, Operations, Technical and Facilities Services, and Flight Operations. All SPDP Courses qualify for credit under NBAA's main Professional Development Program (PDP) except for those under the Flight Operations category.

Download the comprehensive list of all SPDP course objectives (994KB, PDF)

To review the objectives for each category, click on the links below.

Business Management

Management issues related to financial matters of the flight department, as well as contracting, confidentiality and community relations.

Human Resources (formerly Personnel Management)

Management issues related to staffing, training, performance, compensation, human factors considerations and compliance with human resource requirements.


Management issues related to vision, strategic planning, team building, decision-making, communication and currency with professional knowledge.


Management issues related to the operation of aircraft to ensure safe and efficient service.

Technical and Facilities Services

Management issues related to aircraft, facilities and ground support equipment.

Flight Operations (SPDP Only)

Flight department procedures to operate in a safe and secure way within the parameters of a limted budget and aviation regulations.

In order to allow academic providers more flexibility, rather than provide specific course outlines, the curriculum was developed around performance objectives.

The objectives above were adopted on November 5, 2010. Some NBAA SPDP-approved courses meet prior versions of the SPDP objectives. Course providers who wish to obtain PDP approval for new courses must refer to the current, November 5, 2010, version of the SPDP objectives. Any questions regarding these objectives should be directed to the NBAA staff at (202) 783-9000 or