Professional Development Program (PDP) Course Objectives

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The following PDP objectives were adopted on March 12, 2010. NBAA's PDP curriculum objectives are guides to assist educational providers in the development of courses relating to the management of a business aviation flight department. Within a curriculum a given course may cover several objectives or only one objective. Each objective must be substantially covered in the course.

This list of objectives is not intended to cover everything that needs to be taught in flight department management. Rather, it is meant to provide guidance on the practical aspects of dealing with flight department management that should be included in the curriculum. NBAA will periodically revise this outline to keep curriculum providers abreast of relevant issues and changes to be addressed when developing PDP courses.

Download the comprehensive list of all PDP course objectives (1.6 MB, PDF)

The program is divided into five specialized areas:

Business Management

Management issues related to financial matters of the flight department, as well as contracting, confidentiality and community relations.

Human Resources

Management issues related to staffing, training, performance, compensation, human factors considerations and compliance with human resource requirements.


Management issues related to vision, strategic planning, team building, decision making, communication and currency with professional knowledge.


Management issues related to the operation of aircraft to ensure safe and efficient service.

Technical and Facilities Services

Management issues related to aircraft, facilities, and ground support equipment.

Any questions regarding these objectives should be directed to the NBAA staff at (202) 783-9000 or