PDP Approval Checklist and Guidance for Potential Providers

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Download the PDP Course Proposal Application (56KB, Word)

Download the PDP Course Proposal Application (101KB, PDF)

This PDP Provider Guidelines document is intended to help educational providers prepare when submitting courses for NBAA Professional Development Program (PDP) approval.

NBAA's PDP prepares business aviation professionals for management roles within business aviation flight departments. Established training organizations and educational institutions, known as "approved PDP providers," offer courses year-round through a variety of convenient and flexible delivery methods, including on-site seminars, Internet courses and video instruction.

NBAA recognizes educational providers for offering courses that meet defined PDP objectives, and individuals receive Association recognition for successfully completing PDP-approved courses. Since the program's launch in January 1998, there have been over 7,500 PDP course completions.

PDP courses are designed to teach the skills needed to be an effective manager, which are the same regardless of a person's specialty background. All members of the flight department are good candidates for management training, whether supervisory pilots, maintenance personnel, line service personnel, schedulers, dispatchers or flight attendants.

NBAA encourages current and prospective educational providers to use these PDP Provider Guidelines when preparing course curricula for approval, in order to make the course approval process as efficient as possible when submitting courses to the PDP Review Committee. Composed of business aviation management practitioners and experienced collegiate aviation educators, the committee has authority over the program and final approval over all courses.

PDP Checklist for Submission of Courses

  1. Review the PDP course objectives.
  2. If your course has been developed, consider which ofthe PDP objectives this course meets. Note, it may meet more than one objective (e.g., "L1, L2 and BM1").
  3. If your course has not yet been developed, consider which of the PDP objectives you would like to offer and develop your course accordingly.
  4. Ensure that your course meets the objective(s) you have chosen, as well as a substantial number of both knowledge and skill subobjectives.
  5. Complete all parts of the PDP Course Proposal Application. [Word] | [PDF]
    1. Page 1 – Include contact information and course title, as well as signature.
    2. Form A: Course Review Form – Be advised the PDP Review Committee considers Form A to be the most important part of the application. This form must show the committee the degree to which, and the manner by which, each subobjective is covered within the course. This form must be completed as specifically as possible to ensure a thorough and accurate review of the course by the committee.
      1. PDP Subobjectives – List each subobjective under the objective for which the course is being submitted. While the committee does not require each subobjective to be covered within a course, the course should provide substantial coverage, which would require coverage of the vast majority of subobjectives. Even if a subobjective is only partially covered, it should be included on the list. If a subobjective will not be covered within the course, please note that.
      2. Contact hours – How many hours will be spent during the course on each subobjective? This is required for traditional, face-to-face courses and is typically expressed in terms of ":15, :30, :45, 1:00," etc.
      3. Student study hours – How many student study hours should be spent on each subobjective? This is required for courses offered via non-traditional delivery formats, such as the Internet.
      4. Percent (%) coverage of subobjectives – This column requires the provider to specifically note the percent that a subobjective will be covered in the course. While this is often 100 percent, the provider may only provide 70 percent coverage, for example, of a specific subobjective. If the provider lists 100 percent and the committee feels it is below this, it may be determined that the subobjective is not sufficiently covered. Be advised that less than 50 percent coverage of a subobjective is not considered sufficient coverage.
      5. Page number and text for source document – This column is integral to Form A and if not completed correctly, may result in rejection of the course. The provider must be as specific as possible when referring to the source document (e.g., "Text chapter 3, pages 31-32").
      6. Remarks – Any additional information that may prove insightful to the committee on considering the degree to which each subobjective is covered may be included here.
    3. Form B: Course Information Form – Describe in detail the proposed course delivery format, including texts and supplementary materials, contact hours, study hours and determination of course completion.
  6. Course Syllabus, Outline or Schedule – Develop a course outline or syllabus that contains a course outline to be submitted with your application.
  7. Submit the PDP Course Proposal Application, course outline or syllabus, and any supplementary materials to NBAA's Sarah Wolf at swolf@nbaa.org. For questions, call Wolf at (202) 783-9000.