Professional Development Program (PDP)

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2013 PDP Course Directory Now Available

November 28, 2012

NBAA has released its 2013 Professional Development Program (PDP) Course Directory, which includes a wide range of learning opportunities from instructors with real-world experience in the business aviation industry.

NBAA-hosted PDP courses are generally offered in conjunction with larger NBAA events, such as the Annual Meeting & Convention, the Leadership Conference or the Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference – making it more convenient for Members to take advantage of these educational sessions.

Review the 2013 PDP Course Directory.

It makes logistical sense to offer courses in connection with other events, explained Erik Perkins, flight coordinator/dispatcher for ExxonMobil Aviation at Dulles International Airport, who chairs the PDP Review Committee.

“If we have thousands of people coming to a show, let’s have a PDP class. It just makes sense because you can fill up the classrooms,” he said, adding it’s up to the individual NBAA committees putting on the specific conferences to decide which classes to hold along with the event.

For example, Perkins said, the Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee typically will solicit requests for course suggestions and choose several professional development offerings relevant to attendees of the Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference, which annually draws thousands of people responsible for scheduling business aircraft at flight departments. Course topics may rotate every year to keep offerings fresh, Perkins said.

“That way, you keep the energy up because you want to have some reason for someone to take a PDP or SPDP [Schedulers Professional Development Program] class,” he added. “You want to always try to introduce something that’s new, something that’s more recently approved to keep the educational opportunities going.” A new course being offered at the Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference this January in San Antonio, TX will be titled "Aircraft Performance."

For 2013, a total of 15 NBAA-hosted PDP and SPDP courses will be offered throughout the year, concluding with six being offered from Oct. 20 to 26 in conjunction with the 66th Annual Meeting & Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Aside from these NBAA-hosted courses will be additional PDP courses hosted by 18 other educational providers throughout the year at locations nationwide. The 2013 edition of the PDP Course Directory provides the latest list of "approved PDP providers" to help NBAA Members plan their professional development agenda for the year ahead.

NBAA developed the Professional Development Program to prepare business aviation professionals for management roles within flight departments. The program encourages participation in coursework, recognizes outstanding participants and rewards those seeing careers in business aviation.

The courses teach skills needed to be an effective manager. All members of the flight department are good candidates for management training, whether supervisory pilots, maintenance personnel, line service personnel, schedulers, dispatchers or flight attendants.

Courses are offered in five specialized areas, know as PDP objectives. They are:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Technical and Facilities Services

As an offshoot of the main program, the Schedulers Professional Development Program (SPDP) also offers an additional Flight Operations objective area, in addition to the courses offered under the PDP. Students earn a certificate of achievement for each PDP course completed.

Request a free copy of the course directory in print or PDF formats.