Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program

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CAM Governing Board

The Certified Aviation Manager Governing Board oversees the development and direction of NBAA's CAM Program. The NBAA CAM Program identifies qualified flight department leaders though a testing process that measures proficiency in five subject areas: leadership, human resources, operations, technical and facilities services, and business management. The CAM Governing Board is composed of flight department professionals, who are CAMs themselves, and representatives from the education community.

Those wishing to contact the governing board to appeal issues in connection with the CAM Program may download and use the CAM Program Appeals Form. Direct questions to cam@nbaa.org.

Governing Board Roster

T. James Buchanan, CAM, AT&T (Chairman)

Charles E. Booker, CAM, Reyes Holdings LLC (Vice Chairman)

James R. Mrkacek, CAM, Country Financial (Secretary)

Joe A. Evans, CAM, NBAA (Administrative Director)

Steven R. Accinelli, CAM, University of Dubuque

Winston S. Carter, CAM, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Elizabeth A. Clark, CAM, Women in Corporate Aviation International (WCA)

Shayne Allan Daku, University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aero. Sciences

Robin Eissler, CAM, jetAVIVA

Michael S. Kellogg, CAM, The McKenzie Group LLC

Steve A. Mann, CAM, Cambridge Flight Support, LLC

Kellie Rittenhouse, CAM, Hangar Aviation Management, LLC

Jamie Stember, CAM, CP Management LLC

Nick W. Verdea, CAM, GLP, The Williams Companies, Inc.