Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program

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Committed to Excellence, Prepared to Lead

NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program identifies qualified professionals to lead flight departments and companies that use business aircraft. Join the ranks of esteemed aviation professionals who have already been certified – apply for the CAM exam today.

The CAM Governing Board now offers a CAM Candidate Information Handbook to provide a broad overview of the program – including a description of the exam and its administration, certification and recertification requirements, sample exam questions and answers to frequently asked questions.

The CAM program is eligible to receive VA benefits. If you are a qualifying veteran, you can apply for reimbursement of your testing fee. Visit the Veterans Benefits Administration website for more information.

Download the CAM Candidate Information Handbook, Change 2 edition (PDF, 2 MB)

  • Program Overview

    CAM Program Overview

    Learn about what the CAM Program is, how it can benefit you and how you can begin the certification process.

  • FAQs


    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CAM Program.

  • Program Domains

    CAM Program Domains

    Learn about the five subject matter domains that appear on the CAM exam.

  • Roster of Current CAMs

    Roster of Current CAMs

    Review the list of those who have completed the CAM exam and any necessary recertification requirements.

  • CAM Program News

    CAM Program News

    Review the latest news and announcements related to the CAM Program.

  • Application


    Review the CAM application. Qualification to take the exam is based on a combination of education, work experience and industry involvement.

  • Testing Schedule

    Scheduling Your CAM Exam

    The CAM exam is offered year-round at over 250 testing centers nationwide. Learn more about the testing process.

  • Recertification


    CAMs continually must strive to improve their knowledge, education and experience in the field of business aviation. Review the instructions for CAM recertification.

  • Study Guide

    Study Guide

    To help individuals prepare for the CAM exam, NBAA has developed a study guide that includes sample questions and exam reference information.

  • Reference Material

    Reference Material

    Review the list of NBAA, industry and government references used to develop CAM exam questions.

  • Program Costs

    Program Costs

    Review the costs that are associated with the CAM Program.

  • Credit

    Request Credit for Your Event

    Many industry conferences, programs and events can qualify for CAM Program approval and offer certification points for Continuing Education. Learn how to get approval for your event.

  • CAM Governing  Board

    CAM Governing Board

    Review the roster for the CAM Governing Board, which is responsible for all matters pertaining to the enhancement of public safety through the certification of business aviation professionals.

  • Bylaws


    Review the CAM Governing Board Bylaws.