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The Path to a Business Aviation Career

Business aviation needs talented young professionals like you. That's why NBAA is giving you the tools to go farther, faster.

As an undergraduate or high school student interested in aviation, you have plenty of options for your career path. Business aviation offers the greatest diversity of roles, aircraft and missions, as well as outstanding mentoring, internship and networking opportunities.

If your school is an NBAA Member or UAA member, you have access to exclusive Members-only pricing for NBAA events and education sessions, as well as Members-only sections of this website. To get set up with a password, contact NBAA at (866) 363-4650 or, or fill out the online form.

Download our business aviation career fact sheet (PDF) or jump to NBAA resources.

Why Choose Business Aviation?

Business aviation is the use of any general aviation (GA) aircraft for a business purpose, and GA includes all flights that are not conducted by the military or the scheduled airlines. The business aviation community consists of companies of all sizes that rely on many different types of aircraft, as well as the services that support flight operations. Learn more about business aviation.

For those seeking careers in business aviation, this industry provides outstanding diversity in aircraft, missions, schedules and clients, and there are great prospects for jobs and career advancement at locations nationwide.

Business aviation provides a wide variety of job roles, including flight department managers and pilots, maintenance managers and technicians, safety and security specialists, schedulers and dispatchers, flight attendants and flight technicians, ground support specialists, aircraft manufacturing and design specialists, specialists in aviation law, specialists in aviation finance and charter sales professionals. NBAA provides resources for pursuing all of these career paths.

Ways to Get Started

Apply for one of NBAA's growing number of scholarships, offering more than $100,000 each year for tuition reimbursement and other education opportunities.

Take advantage of NBAA's robust syllabus of On-Demand Education resources, which offer live webinars led by subject matter experts on the most current industry topics.

Build your network and find career mentors at NBAA's many event-based networking opportunities, including the Careers in Business Aviation Day, held annually at NBAA's flagship Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, or use the Regional Business Aviation Groups Directory to find a group close to you.

And when graduation looms large, use the NBAA Jobs Board to help you take the first step into the professional world of business aviation.

NBAA Tools You Can Use:

  • Scholarships


    NBAA offers a growing number of scholarships to support students in various segments of business aviation. Scholarships are available both to those seeking to enter the industry and those looking to advance their careers. Learn more.

  • Careers

    Careers in Business Aviation Day

    Students are encouraged to attend the final day of NBAA-BACE, which is dedicated to the next generation of business aviation professionals. This free event is a great opportunity for students to explore our industry, learn about career opportunities, and network with aviation leaders. Learn more.

  • On-Demand Education

    On-Demand Education

    NBAA’s On-Demand Education offerings provide web-based access to the information you need to navigate entry into the business aviation workplace and succeed in your career. Many webinars are complimentary for NBAA Members. Learn more.

  • Events

    Mentoring Network

    NBAA The NBAA Mentoring Network is designed to help business aviation professionals grow in their roles and within the industry. Mentoring in the modern era is a collaborative partnership between an experienced individual and someone who desires to learn. Learn More

  • Events

    Networking Opportunities

    NBAA provides a comprehensive program of industry events each year, which serve as effective career-networking venues. Student discounts are often available. View events.

  • Regional Groups

    Regional Groups

    Use the NBAA Regional Groups Directory to find a regional business aviation group in your area, attend their events, and build your network close to home. Learn more.

  • Jobs Board

    Jobs Board

    For those who are completing their education and nearing entry into the professional world, the NBAA Jobs Board allows you to post your resume and access business aviation employment listings for the U.S. and abroad. View jobs.

For More Information

If your question isn't answered here, contact NBAA at (202) 783-9000 or for further information about the opportunities NBAA offers students.