BARR Program News

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May 25, 2012
FAA Publishes Revised Plan for Providing 'Opt Out' From Internet Flight Tracking
December 19, 2011
Podcast: BARR Battle Figured Prominently for Industry in 2011
December 2, 2011
NBAA, AOPA, EAA Welcome FAA's Decision to Fully Restore BARR Availability
November 21, 2011
Congress Reinstates the BARR – What's Next?
November 17, 2011
NBAA: Congress Clears Spending Bill With BARR-Reinstatement Provision
September 15, 2011
NBAA Thanks Rep. Pompeo for Championing House BARR-Preservation Bill
September 12, 2011
NBAA Welcomes House Language to Preserve the BARR program
August 29, 2011
NBAA, AOPA Formally File Court Brief to Preserve BARR
August 19, 2011
NBAA Salutes Regional Groups for Backing Court Fight to Preserve the BARR
August 3, 2011
NBAA Applauds Sen. Roberts for Legislation to Preserve BARR
July 29, 2011
Government Action on BARR Likely Imminent As GA Groups' Court Fight Continues
July 25, 2011
NBAA, AOPA Launch Web Site For Contributing to BARR Legal Defense Fund
July 21, 2011
GA Groups Press Ahead Toward Day in Court on BARR
July 20, 2011
Civil Liberties Group Joins Fight To Preserve BARR
July 13, 2011
House Lawmakers Call on DOT to Shelve Plan to Disable BARR
July 11, 2011
Kansas City-Area Business Aviation Group, Airport Managers Join BARR Fight
July 1, 2011
FAA Agrees to Extend Deadline for Paperwork to Remain in BARR Program
July 1, 2011
Responding to BARR Program Challenges: Valid Security Concerns
June 30, 2011
U.S. Senators Call on DOT to Scrap Plans for Dismantling BARR
June 24, 2011
NBAA and AOPA: The Battle Over the BARR Heads to Court
June 22, 2011
General Aviation Operator Groups Take Fight to Protect the BARR to Court
June 13, 2011
FAA Provides Guidance on Documenting Security Concerns
June 6, 2011
Fighting to Preserve the BARR Program
June 6, 2011
NBAA, AOPA, EAA Planning Legal Challenge to DOT's Move to Dismantle BARR
May 28, 2011
NBAA: FAA's Elimination of BARR Amounts to a 'Paparazzi Protection Rule'
May 13, 2011
NBAA Sends Joint Letter to Congress Urging Preservation of the BARR
May 9, 2011
Contact Congress: Tell Congress to Support House Language Preserving the BARR Program
May 6, 2011
National Groups Remind Congress: Preserve the BARR
April 4, 2011
NBAA Flight Plan Podcast Special Report: Down to the Wire on the BARR NBAA Flight Plan podcast
March 31, 2011
NBAA's Comments Point to Host of Flaws in FAA's BARR Proposal Association Calls On Agency To Withdraw Its Plans
March 29, 2011
Point of Impact: Kalitta Charter Flights for Fallen Heroes
March 28, 2011
NBAA's Carr: Make Your Voice Heard on BARR Changes
March 21, 2011
Point of Impact: The King Schools
March 18, 2011
Webinar: Your Action Needed on Proposed BARR Limitations
March 18, 2011
BARR Changes Would Allow 'Electronic Stalking,' Bolen Tells Pilots Nationwide
March 17, 2011
NBAA Flight Plan Special Report: Jeopardizing the BARR Threatens Small Company’s Competitive EdgeNBAA Flight Plan podcast
March 14, 2011
AOPA Fights Alongside NBAA to Preserve the BARR Program
March 11, 2011
Commentary by NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen: Small-Aircraft Stalking Trumps Privacy in FAA Plan
March 11, 2011
Three Major Business Groups Oppose BARR Changes
March 9, 2011
Point of Impact: Restaurant Equipment World
March 4, 2011
NBAA Opposes New Limitations on Participation in the BARR Program
February 15, 2011
NBAA Continues to Respond to DOT's BARR Program Concerns
February 26, 2010
NBAA: Court Rules Against Long-Term Protection of Flight Data in BARR Program

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If you have general questions or concerns about the FAA process for blocking aircraft from flight tracking, please contact NBAA's Operations service group at or (202) 783-9250.