BARR Program
Frequently Asked Questions

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Current Status of the BARR Program

Updated August 4, 2011

Is the BARR program still functioning and accepting new applications?

On August 2, 2011, the FAA implemented the curtailed program – replacing the NBAA-administered BARR program – where only requests fully justified by a "Valid Security Concern" will be honored. Operators wishing to submit a certified security concern to opt out of flight tracking should review the New Process to Block or Unblock an Aircraft.

How do I unblock an aircraft?

To unblock an aircraft, please contact the FAA's ASDI Program Office at or the FAA Certified Security Concern mailbox at

Can I track my own aircraft once it is blocked?

Only aircraft that are blocked at the ASDI level can be tracked by the aircraft owner/operator. To enable this option, the aircraft owner/operator must contact an ASDI vendor.

Aircraft blocked at the FAA level cannot be tracked by ASDI vendors. Review a list of ASDI vendors.

How can I find the FAA document that outlines specific changes to the BARR program?

The specific changes FAA plans to make to the BARR program can be found in the June 3 Federal Register notice.