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Advocacy Efforts to Preserve the BARR Program

Updated August 2, 2011

What action did the FAA take on June 3 regarding the BARR Program?

The FAA published a notice in the Federal Register indicating that the agency plans to move forward with their plans to dismantle the BARR program. According to the notice, the FAA plans to limit participation in the BARR program only to aircraft owners or operators that are able to demonstrate a certified security concern. This plan would effectively dismantle to existing BARR program.

What legal action is NBAA taking to preserve the BARR program?

In an effort to stop the Department of Transportation (DOT) from dismantling the BARR program, the National Business Aviation Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association together filed a federal appeal on June 22, asking a Washington, DC court to stop the DOT action until the matter can be properly sorted out. Review the Press Release.

Is Congress aware of this situation?

Yes, thanks to the efforts of NBAA, groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and BARR program participants, Congress is aware of our concerns about the FAA’s actions. The U.S. House of Representatives even went so far as to include language in the FAA Reauthorization bill instructing the FAA to preserve the BARR program.

Although Congress is aware, NBAA Members should continue to contact their elected representatives using the Contact Congress tool. Lawmakers need to hear from their constituents on the importance of including the House language to preserve the BARR program in the final FAA reauthorization bill.

What are some of the key arguments used by NBAA to defend the BARR program?

NBAA has undertaken significant advocacy efforts to defend the BARR program. Specifically, in comments filed with the FAA, NBAA questioned the justification for the change, commenting that the certified security concern requirement is an unjustifiably high bar and the FAA lacks the ability to administer a test for the certified security concern. Additionally, NBAA and other stakeholders have suggested that the FAA’s definition of a certified security concern is too narrow, and that the FAA is ignoring the privacy and/or business concerns of business aircraft owners and operators. Finally, NBAA and other groups claim the disclosure of aircraft tracking information could potentially violate Constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizures.

How can I contact my elected officials in Washington, DC to encourage them to preserve the BARR program?

Through Contact Congress, BARR program participants can send a personalized letter to inform members of congress about the important of the BARR program to the business aviation community, and the need for support to fight this notice of change.