Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR)

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Webinar: Your Action Needed on Proposed BARR Limitations

Action Deadline Is April 4. Miss the Live Session? Hear the Playback Today

March 18, 2011

“I simply can’t underscore the importance of having NBAA’s Members weigh in on the government’s plans to severely curtail the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program,” NBAA Vice President of Safety, Security & Regulation Doug Carr told more than 100 participants in a live, interactive webinar hosted by the Association on March 16.

NBAA held the free webinar, titled, “FAA's Proposed BARR Program Limitations: How It Affects You,” to discuss the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) plans to severely limit participation in the BARR program, and to urge industry mobilization to oppose it.

View the free recorded webinar now.

The webinar was hosted by Carr, and included George Carneal and Jeff Shane, partners with Hogan Lovells, LLC. Attendees received a brief history about the BARR program, highlights of the FAA’s proposal and NBAA’s concerns, plus information on how to comment on the proposal.

According to NBAA, federal officials’ proposal for the BARR goes against the government’s long-established obligation to protect privacy. Beyond personal and company security, it also affects a business’s competitive advantage, as general knowledge of where company employees are could lead to speculation that jeopardizes pending deals.

NBAA Members, including affected aircraft operators and individuals, need to submit comments to the public docket before April 4, 2011, to help prevent its approval. Even those outside the United States are encouraged to comment on this proposal docket.

The docket has received over 270 comments so far, and the more comments the FAA receives outlining the general public’s specific concerns about releasing private information, the harder it will be for this proposal to be approved.

Comments should contain detailed and specific information about the business, harm this change may cause, the cost of compliance for participation and any other concerns that can be shared in a public forum. It is important to remember that all comments posted to this docket will be visible to the public. If that is a concern, comments can be entered anonymously.

Comments should be made to Docket FAA-2011-0183 and must clearly identify the docket number. You can submit comments:

Submit comments through the web site.
By Mail:
Docket Management Facility
US Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE (Room W12-140)
Washington, DC 20590
By Fax:
(202) 493-2251

The free recorded webinar is now available and includes answers to attendee questions such as, “can this be considered unconstitutional?” and “what number of responses will be necessary to have an effect on the FAA?”

Answers to common questions about the BARR proagr may be found BARR Frequently Asked Questions. Other questions regarding the current BARR program or the proposed limitations can be sent directly to NBAA's Operations Services Group at (202) 783-9250 or

For information about the BARR program and the NBAA Member resource titled “Writing Comments to Federal Regulatory Proposals,” visit