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Message From the Chair

Embracing Opportunities, Investing in Ourselves

By Dorette Kerr, John Deere Global Aviation Services

At the annual shareholders meeting this year for Berkshire Hathaway, I was enthralled by the wisdom imparted by Chairman of the Board Warren E. Buffet. The comment that resonated most with me was his statement that the wisest investment we can make is in ourselves. For that reason, the theme of the 2010 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Conference is “Embracing Opportunities – Investing in Ourselves.”

As we approach the 21st Annual S&D Conference, I view 2010 as a year in which we can begin investing in a stock that will continue to increase in value over time – ourselves. As individuals, we may not have the ability to significantly impact our nation’s economy, but we can embrace the opportunities available during our Conference and throughout the year to increase our own value. By doing so, we will not only benefit personally, but also professionally, as our coworkers, customers and employers will be the beneficiaries of the skills we develop and the knowledge we gain.

This year brings many changes to the S&D Conference, with the most obvious being the shift in dates for the event to January 27–29. As schedulers and dispatchers, you are accustomed to schedule changes, and we appreciate your flexibility regarding the rescheduling of the Conference, whose format also will include some new features designed to increase the quantity and quality of industry participation (see New SPDP Courses to Be Offered at S&D Conference).

For instance, S&D Conference Attendees always have been educated and entertained by inspiring keynote speakers, but this year will feature a presenter with a firsthand perspective on business aviation. During the past seven years, this individual has logged more than 1,600 flight hours, flown 650,000 nautical miles and visited 30-plus countries while traveling on business aircraft. In addition, he has flown nearly two million miles on the airlines.

I am honored to announce David C. Everitt, president, Agriculture and Turf Division, Deere & Company, as our 2010 keynote speaker. Everitt has a genuine appreciation for business aviation, understands the complexities faced by schedulers and dispatchers, and realizes the valuable impact that business aviation has on the success of his company. He also is an instrument-rated pilot of singleengine general aviation aircraft.

So, if you haven’t already done so, buy that first share of stock in yourself by registering to attend the S&D Conference and the Schedulers Professional Development Program courses that will be offered in conjunction with our annual gathering. If your “stock price” is not in your budget right now, there are scholarship opportunities available. The dividends are priceless.


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