Very Light Jet Training Guidelines

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NBAA Training Guidelines for Single Pilot Operations of Very Light Jets and Technically Advanced Aircraft

3. Component Training Requirements

3.6. Annual Recurrent Training

In addition to the initial training, there will be a requirement for recurrent training. Although individuals may elect to reduce the interval between recurrent training sessions, it is recommended that training be conducted on a yearly basis, as a minimum.

Recurrent training should deal with the following:

  • Pre-training study package review
  • Mentor recommendations, if applicable
  • Incident review and industry events
  • Review of manufacturer’s maintenance and operations bulletins
  • Recurrent critical maneuvers training
  • Review operating minimums
  • Practical application of CRM/SRM
  • LOFT (SBT) format
  • Unsatisfactory result criteria
  • Additional training plan

A four-day recurrent training curriculum may consist of the following:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Emergency Procedures Training

  • Exits
  • Ditching
  • Evacuation
  • Emergency equipment

Segmented LOFT Training

  • Autoflight
  • Cold weather operations
  • Windshear
  • Diversion
  • Holding
  • Flap irreg systems review

Maneuvers Training

  • Crosswind T/O and landings
  • High-altitude decompression
  • Steep turns
  • RTO
  • V1 and V2 cuts
  • Non-precision apps
  • S/E ILS apps
  • Visual apps

Line Oriented Evaluation

  • Systems evaluation
  • Operational evaluation
  • Spot training
4:00 hours classroom 2:00 hours brief
4:00 hours simulator
2:00 hours brief
4:00 hours simulator
2:00 hours brief
4:00 hours simulator