Very Light Jet Training Guidelines

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NBAA Training Guidelines for Single Pilot Operations of Very Light Jets and Technically Advanced Aircraft

3. Component Training Requirements

3.4. Post Rating Training

A critical element for the safe operation of the VLJ will be in the experience gained in this section. Although technically trained on the aircraft, the candidate may lack the experience necessary for safe operation in a variety of scenarios. It is the intent of this portion of training to expose the student to many different situations in anticipation of what will be experienced as the pilot gains initial operating experience. Post rating training should consist of the following:

  • LOFT (SBT)
    • Domestic
    • Winter operations – deicing/runway clutter (contamination) performance, such as Denver to Aspen
    • Summer operations – high elevation/terrain critical performance, such as Jackson Hole to Boise
    • International, i.e.:
      • Western Atlantic – such as Teterboro to Bermuda
      • Mexico – such as San Diego to La Paz
  • CRM/SRM applications
  • Establishing personal operating minimums
  • Fatigue