Very Light Jet Training Guidelines

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NBAA Training Guidelines for Single Pilot Operations of Very Light Jets and Technically Advanced Aircraft

3. Component Training Requirements

3.3. Manufacturer’s Training

The manufacturer’s training can be described as the “nuts and bolts” portion of the training. It is technical in nature and designed to instruct the student on the specific aircraft. Candidates should expect a manufacturer’s course to include the following:

  • Pre-training study package review and testing
  • Aircraft systems
  • Autoflight skills
  • Avionics and navigation
  • Maneuvers and profiles
  • Emergency and abnormal procedures
  • Limitations and specifications
  • MEL, placards and maintenance requirements
  • Aircraft servicing
    • Fuel
    • Oil
    • Hydraulic fluid
    • Tires
    • Potable water
    • Oxygen
    • Lavatory