Single-Pilot Operations

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Single-Pilot Operations

Operating a complex aircraft as the only pilot aboard in today's busy ATC environment demands a host of skills, as well as a talent for knowing which one to use at the proper moment. This NBAA Single-Pilot Operations resource page is meant to serve as an introduction to a host of valuable resources and offer access to a variety of industry professionals ready to help you learn to safely navigate the world of flying alone in a cockpit.

  • NBAA Single Pilot Safety Standdown

    NBAA Single-Pilot Safety Standdown

    Single-Pilot Safety Standdown attendees will enhance their awareness of the unique risks associated with single-pilot business aviation operations, and leave with practical strategies for addressing these issues on their flights and sharing this information with other single-pilot business aviators. Learn more.

  • Risk Management Guide for Single-Pilot Light Business Aircraft

    Risk Management Guide for Single-Pilot Light Business Aircraft

    The NBAA Safety Committee has developed this resource to assist single-pilot operators of light business aircraft by outlining critical elements of risk management and providing pilots with a flight risk assessment tool to use in guiding their risk management procedures before and during flight. Learn more.

  • NBAA Training Guidelines for Single-Pilot Operations

    NBAA Training Guidelines for Single-Pilot Operations

    This document offers a training outline that represents the minimum curriculum necessary to satisfy a single-pilot operations training program. Review.

  • 'Alone in the Cockpit' Video

    "Alone in the Cockpit" Video

    This video, created by NBAA’s Safety Committee, lets the viewer look over the shoulder of John, a business owner who usually flies his Phenom 100 as the only pilot. The flight depicted in this video demonstrates how even a pilot who trains regularly can, after making just one or two poor decisions, find himself in nearly over-his-head and on the way to becoming another loss-of-control statistic. Learn more.

  • Light Business Aircraft Operations Manual Template

    Light Business Aircraft Operations Manual Template

    The prospect of creating a flight operations manual can seem overwhelming for single pilots and light business airplane (LBA) owners and operators. To address this concern, NBAA created a resource designed specifically to meet the needs of LBA operators in creating or updating a flight operations manual. Learn more.

  • Flying Safety Awards

    Flying Safety Awards

    For 60 years, NBAA’s Flying Safety Award program has brought worldwide attention to the business aircraft safety record. These awards recognize member companies for exceptional achievement in maintaining safe flying operations. Learn more.

Latest News

Award-Nominated NBAA Video Anchors NBAA’s Single-Pilot Safety Resources
June 17, 2016
NBAA’s Safety Committee’s Single-Pilot Workgroup developed and produced a video resource, “Alone in the Cockpit,” to help improve single-pilot safety. The 10-minute video – a component of NBAA’s newly developed online resources for single-pilot operations – is one of six shortlist finalists in the Best Digital Media category of the 2016 Aerospace Media Awards. The goal of the video is “not to preach, lecture or scare pilots away from single-pilot operations,” said NBAA member Rob Mark, the workgroup member who directed and was featured in the effort, “but to present a scenario in which viewers could easily see themselves.” Watch the video.