Business Aviation Safety Survey

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Business Aviation Safety Survey

Updated Nov. 13, 2017

NBAA's annual Business Aviation Safety Survey provides an unparalleled look into the safety policies and concerns of business aviation flight departments. Each year, NBAA's Safety Committee collects data from hundreds of business aviation professionals, touching on a wide range of safety-related topics including top perceived risks, safety reporting policies and much more. The survey results – available exclusively to NBAA members – are presented through easy-to-read charts, each with accompanying analysis.

The 2016 edition currently represents the latest survey results available. The 2017 survey results will be released by early 2018.

Download the 2016 NBAA Business Aviation Safety Survey Results (4.3 MB, PDF)

The NBAA Business Aviation Safety Survey is available to NBAA members only. If you’re not already a member, consider joining NBAA. Learn more by contacting NBAA at (800) FYI-NBAA or Apply today at

Business Aviation Safety Survey News

Business Aviation Professionals Invited to Take 2017 NBAA Safety Survey
Nov. 13, 2017
NBAA's Safety Committee has launched its annual Business Aviation Safety Survey, a wide-ranging look at the safety culture within business aviation. The committee encourages business aviation professionals of all roles and responsibilities – as well as non-aviation professionals who frequently interact with business aircraft – to provide their feedback, which will guide the committee's work throughout the next year. Learn more about the survey.
Safety Survey Provides Insight Into Industry Best Practices
Dec. 2, 2016
Most business aviation operators engage in annual risk assessment and profiling, according to the results of NBAA’s 2016 Business Aviation Safety Survey, now available exclusively to the association’s members. The survey provides an unparalleled look into the safety policies and concerns of business aviation flight departments. Learn more about the survey.
Leadership Survey Reveals the Year's Top Business Aviation Safety Concerns
Nov. 9, 2015
The NBAA Safety Committee's Risk Assessment Team this year transformed its annual Top Safety Focus Areas into data-driven project by launching the first-ever Business Aviation Leadership Safety Survey. Intended to be an annual exercise, the 2015 survey targeted a diverse group of business aviation leaders to gather their opinions on safety practices, perceptions and concerns. NBAA found that while 81 percent of respondents rated the safety culture in their flight organizations to be excellent or very good, they also identified several top areas of concern for business aviation safety, including fatigue and approach-and-landing risks. The 2016 survey will be launched later this month, but in the meantime, operators can review a report on the 2015 survey results.