Safety Profiles

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Safety Profiles

NBAA has a long tradition of promoting safe flying and recognizing safe flying achievement. Each year, NBAA reviews its annual Flying Safety Award applications to identify and recognize those companies who have reached the milestone of flying 50, 60 and 75 or more years without an accident. Take a look at the following profiles of NBAA Safe Flying Achievement Award recipients to learn more about these companies and some of their tips and lessons learned for operating at the highest level of safety. Direct any questions or comments about this page to

No Compromises Leads to Six Decades of Safe Flying

The Kroger Co., Cincinnati, OH

The Kroger Co. flight department, which in 2013 received NBAA's 60 Year Safe Flying Achievement Award, says its constant pursuit of best practices is just one example of its commitment to safety. Since the company's founding in 1883, it has grown from a single store to almost a $100 billion company. "I would like to think that some of that growth was facilitated by having a flight department that can take people to places that are not easily served by commercial aviation, or that can go to multiple places in a single day," said Director of Aviation Bob Smyth. Learn more about 60-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient The Kroger Co.

Safety Unites Diverse Operations

Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC

Duke Energy has a fleet of six jets and five helicopters, which serve the transportation needs of the largest power holding company in the United States. To serve its vast and diverse needs, Duke has two aviation facilities. Executive support is located at the company headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Most of the department's 42 personnel are based at Charlotte, and most of their destinations are in the United States, but they do make eight to 10 flights a year to different parts of the globe. Learn more about 60-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient Duke energy.

Processing Safe Flights for Six Decades

NCR Corporation, Atlanta, GA

Georgia-based NCR is a global tech company, whose solutions portfolio of software and hardware services range from point-of-sales terminals and ATMs, to barcode scanning systems and mobile technologies. NCR has had a global presence for most of its existence, and takes a conservative, safe, professional approach to business aviation, with the support of the entire NCR family. Learn more about 60-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient NCR Corp.

A Clean Safety Record Built on Trust in a Family Atmosphere

Bissell, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

An NBAA Member company that offers a range of tools to clean floors and carpets, Grand Rapids, MI-based Bissell Inc. has been using business aviation to grow its company since 1956. From the start, safety has been an unassailable priority to Bissell, which has earned its IS-BAO Stage II certification. Learn more about 50-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient Bissell, Inc.

Focusing on the Fundamentals of Safety and Service

SC Aviation, Inc.

A charter and aircraft management operation based in Janesville, WI, SC Aviation, Inc. works hard to get the job done right by hiring the right people with the right experience, personality and work ethic, and training them to become one with the company's safety culture. Learn more about 60-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient SC Aviation, Inc.

Uniting a Diverse Aviation Operation With Safety and Support

Spectra Energy Corporation

Serving customers in communities across North America, Spectra Energy Corporation's network of facilities stretches from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Mississippi, South Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, and making weekly aerial inspections of the natural gas and crude oil pipelines is just one of the flight department's responsibilities. Taking employees where they need to be in furtherance of company business is the other. Learn more about 60-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient Spectra Energy Corporation.