Loss of Control Inflight

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Loss of Control Inflight

Reducing Loss of Control Inflight Accidents in Business Aviation

Loss of control inflight (LOC-I) refers to accidents in which flight crews are unable to maintain control of an aircraft in flight, resulting in an unrecoverable deviation from the intended flight path. Between 2001 and 2011, over 40 percent of fixed wing GA fatal accidents occurred because pilots lost control of their airplanes.

The lethality of LOC-I, coupled with an overriding sense that its occurrence can be reduced through improved prevention, recognition and recovery skills, make this a targeted issue for safety improvement by the NBAA Safety Committee. On this page, you will find resources, videos and training opportunities that can assist with recognizing and mitigating risks that can lead to aircraft upsets.

Download NBAA's Safety Resource: Loss of Control Inflight (334 KB, PDF)

  • Resources


    A frequently updated list of organizational, regulatory and academic LOC-I prevention resources. Learn more.

  • Multimedia


    Video and presentation content that illustrates key points of LOC-I safety. Watch now.

  • Training


    View a list of vetted educational providers offering upset prevention and recovery training. Review list.

  • Scholarships


    Several scholarships are available for pilots and CFIs seeking LOC-I prevention training. Learn more.


New NBAA Safety Initiative Focuses on Loss of Control Prevention
March 2, 2017
The NBAA Safety Committee has launched a new program featuring loss of control inflight (LOC-I) prevention resources for pilots of all experience levels. The first in a series of planned LOC-I awareness efforts, NBAA's new resource page includes informational videos, a visual guide to key LOC-I topics and an extensive list of available online training, regulatory and scholarly resources centers. "Loss of control inflight is by far the largest cause of fatal incidents in business aviation," said Paul Ransbury, lead of the Safety Committee’s LOC-I Working Group and president of Aviation Performance Solutions. "The Safety Committee has taken steps to gather, align and develop resources to provide NBAA’s membership with comprehensive guidance to help reduce the risk of LOC-I." Learn more about the new LOC-I resources.

Alone in the Cockpit - A Video about Loss of Control Inflight
Nov. 16, 2015
With loss of control inflight (LOCI) accidents resulting in more fatalities in business and commercial operations than any other category of accident over the last decade, reducing LOCI is a priority of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and aviation professional organizations across the globe. The NBAA Safety Committee Single Pilot Safety Working Group produced this video and story of John, a single owner-pilot who finds himself in a loss of control situation. Watch the video.

Technology, Situational Awareness Key to Reducing Loss of Control Accidents
Oct. 16, 2015
During a recent forum held by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), more than 20 panelists from various aviation sectors discussed factors contributing to the risk of loss of control (LOC) and identified potential solutions, such as greater use of angle of attack indicators, enhanced scenario-based training and redoubling pilots’ commitment to maintain situational awareness at all times. "We're still at the very beginning of the process to implement effective standards to mitigate risks from loss of control, but there's also a lot of good industry and government work already underway to raise awareness and present solutions," said NBAA Manager of Operations Peter Korns. Read more about LOC risk mitigation strategies discussed at the forum.