In Flight Safety

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News and resources related to the safe operation of business aircraft while in flight.

  • Aircraft Icing

    Aircraft Icing

    Read news about aircraft icing and learn more about free icing training courses. Review.

  • Loss of Control In-Flight

    Loss of Control Inflight

    Find resources and safety information about how to prevent loss of control inflight incidents. Learn more.

  • Runway Safety

    Runway Safety

    Provides the FAA a single focus for all the aspects of runway safety, with the goal of decreasing surface incidents, runway incursions, and accidents. Learn more.

  • Laser Strikes

    Laser Strikes

    Intentional laser strikes are a growing threat to business aviation. Review the best strategies for maintaing safe operations immediately following a laser strike. Learn more.

  • Aircraft Climb Performance

    Aircraft Climb Performance

    Guidance on expected aircraft performance on TERPS-based Standard Instrument Departure Procedures (SIDs) and Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODPs). Read more.

  • Handling of Hazardous Materials

    Handling of Hazardous Materials

    Learn more about regulations for hazardous waste and find guidance for safely handling hazardous materials. Read more.

  • Night Takeoff and Landing Currency

    Night Takeoff and Landing Currency

    The FAA published a final rule entitled “Alternative Means of Compliance for the Pilot-In-Command Night Takeoff and Landing Recent Flight Experience Requirements.” Learn more.

  • Wildlife Strike

    Wildlife Strikes

    Learn how to reduce the risk of bird and wildlife collisions and report strikes when they occur. Learn more.