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The Alert Crew: Fatigue Awareness in Flight Operations

March 15, 2013

The Alert Crew This guidebook is intended to help the corporate pilot manage fatigue under the constraints of a constantly changing work schedule. Fatigue is affected by length of flight and duty time, light exposure, and stresses outside of work. It can reduce a pilot's capacity for work, reduce efficiency of accomplishment, and is usually accompanied by feelings of weariness and tiredness. Fatigue is dangerous because it prevents pilots from reliably detecting their personal degree of impairment.

This compilation of recommendations from the scientists at Alertness Solutions provides guidance on sleep basics, the physiological effects of fatigue, and practical countermeasures that are proven to increase safety during flight operations. The most effective flight departments will combine the information provided in this guidebook with science based training to produce a Fatigue Management Program that will ensure crew fatigue does not affect the safety of flight.

Download The Alert Crew: Fatigue Awareness in Flight Operations Guidebook (907 KB, PDF)

Fatigue Awareness Posters

These posters can be printed and hung around the hangar or the office to promote good fatigue management to pilots, mechanics, and everyone at the airport.

  • Importance of Sleep

    Importance of Sleep

    Explain the benefits of sleep and the consequences of not getting enough.

  • Lifestyle and Family

    Lifestyle and Family

    Teach pilots and employees about managing activities and lifestyle to maximize rest.

  • Light Exposure

    Light Exposure

    Learn about the effects of light and darkness on the body's internal clock.

  • Sleep Disorders

    Sleep Disorders

    Inform the airport community of sleeping disorders that affect 1 in 3 adults.