Part 135 Certification Information

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Operations Specifications


The FAA Operations Safety System (OPSS) distributes standardized regulatory and policy requirements to the aviation community and collects and maintains operating authorizations for FAA. Many Part 135 operators and other certificated entities receive their Operations Specifications (OpSpecs) through this system.

To continue to keep pace with evolving aviation safety inspector responsibilities and to improve functionality and integration, OPSS is in the process of modernizing and migrating to an Internet platform. This upcoming new version of OPSS has been dubbed WebOPSS, which is currently being introduced to certificate holders.

Benefits of WebOPSS

  • Availability to process authorizations at any location with Internet access
  • Allow the FAA to determine the impact of new aviation policies on air operators and air agencies before their official release
  • Expands the benefits of FAA/Industry collaboration model of Internet OPSS (IOPSS) to the entire Web OPSS community
  • Electronic notification system and discussion groups to facilitate communications among geographically disperse teams

Implementation Process

In order to access the new WebOPSS system, operators will need to purchase digital signatures. The FAA has established a contact point for operators that need more information on the digital signature purchase process. For further information, operators should contact the following individual and provide their name, email address, and the designator of their FAA operating certificate:

Cindy Logan
Application Development Branch, AQS-230

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