Part 135 Certification Information

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In most cases, if an operator provides air transportation of persons or property for compensation or hire, the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) require that a commercial operating certificate be issued. Operators of business aircraft that wish to conduct operations for compensation or hire are generally certificated under Part 135 of the FARs. As a certificate holding entity, the operator must comply with a number of FAA requirements regarding areas such as flight operations, maintenance and training.


NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide

Starting a Part 135 Operation

The process of applying for a 135 operating certificate can be daunting to those who have never been through it. “Starting a Part 135 Operation” is intended to simplify this process and help operators understand what will be required of them throughout it. Based off FAA regulations and resources, this overview breaks down the types of 135 operating certificates and provides guidance on what may be required to achieve certification.

Download Starting a Part 135 Operation.

Tips on Adding Aircraft to a Part 135 Certificate

Best practices for operators planning to add an additional aircraft to their Part 135 certificate.

Tips for Certificate Holders: Managing and Enhancing Your FSDO Relationship

Guidance for maintaining a positive and productive relationship with your local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

FAA Operations Specifications

Information on the FAA computerized system for the issuance of operations specifications (OpSpecs) for Part 135 and 121 carriers and other certificated entities.

Simplified Part 135: An Option for Corporate Operators?

Given the limitations on operations for compensation under Part 91, coupled with the potential for streamlining Part 135 certification and obtaining a deviation from the manual, training and management requirements of Part 135, some corporate operators may find Part 135 certification an attractive option.

Certification of Commercial Aircraft Operations – Which Rules Apply?

This publication provides insight into the requirements for certification as a commercial operator under Part 119 as well as the differences between operations conducted under Parts 135, 125 and 121.

Underage Children and Chartered Aircraft: Considerations for Operators

This article discusses policies that charter operators may utilize to ensure parental consent when transporting underage children.

Eligible On-Demand Operations

In addition to creating Subpart K of Part 91, the Final Rule "Regulation of Fractional Aircraft Ownership Programs and On-Demand Operations" changes certain Part 135 regulations. 14 CFR 135.4 defines a new type of operator known as an "eligible on-demand operation." An eligible on-demand operation is allowed more lenient destination airport effective runway length performance and the opportunity to conduct an instrument approach at an airport with no weather reporting with certain qualifiers. These alternatives are only available to an eligible on-demand operation. One requirement of an eligible on-demand operation is that the flightcrew must consist of at least two qualified pilots.