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NBAA Quick Turns

Changing of the Guard

By Jim Janaitis, IBM Flight Operations

By now, we are all back in the groove following a very successful Maintenance Management Conference (MMC) in New Orleans. We renewed old friendships, met new industry peers and had our share of jambalaya, beignets and king cake. At the 2009 MMC, the number of vendors increased to 65, and more than 280 Attendees participated in the Conference. Next year will be a banner year for the MMC, as it will be the 25th anniversary of the Conference. This will be one meeting not to miss. We already have started planning the event, which will be a leap forward in content, presentations and workshops.

The 2009 MMC was my last as chairman of the NBAA Maintenance Committee. I feel very honored to have been a part of the leadership of this esteemed group of industry professionals. I am sure the new leadership team, which includes Brad Townsend and Marlin Priest, will do an amazing job for all NBAA Members and the entire maintenance community.

I anticipate that the NBAA Maintenance Committee will continue to move our industry and profession forward. As you know, the challenges in the business aviation industry just keep growing. Now, more than ever, if you are not improving and rising to new requirements, you are falling behind. Considering the financial, environmental, regulatory and perception challenges we all face, we need to be on our game at every moment. Things are changing; it’s not the aviation world we experienced at the start of our careers. The sooner we acclimate, the more successful we will be. NBAA and the Maintenance Committee are here to help us succeed.

Speaking of change, this will be the last edition of NBAA Quick Turns as a stand-alone publication. Starting this fall, articles on maintenance issues will be going mainstream by appearing in the flagship NBAA publication, Business Aviation Insider. This is one cost-saving measure that actually will provide more maintenance information to all flight department members, which will give maintenance technicians more visibility and recognition for the complex and critical job they do.

I want to close by thanking each and every one of you for making this a tremendous industry to be a part of.