Region VII: Middle East/Asia (MID)

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At NBAA2013, Learn First-Hand About Operating in China

July 25, 2013

Over the past five years, the number of multinational flight departments flying to and within China has increased, according to Jay Mesinger, who will present a session on "Operating and Doing Business in China" at NBAA's Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2013), Oct. 22 to 24  in Las Vegas, NV.

Several multinational companies that have based and successfully operated aircraft in China will be represented on the panel, said Mesinger, of J.Mesigner Corporate Jet Sales. With co-presenter Jeff Lee, vice president of flight operations for American Express, Mesinger will offer case studies describing common challenges and solutions. Completing the panel will be representatives from Chinese companies that provide aviation services in the region.

The panelists will cover topics from the regulatory challenges of registering an aircraft in Asia or China, to how to choose a management company that employs best practices used in the United States.

The presentation will discuss "ways to bridge the regulatory and cultural divides," which can arise in unexpected ways, Mesinger said. For example, a request-for-proposal is an everyday business process for multinational corporations, but may not be the norm for many aviation service providers in China.

When he first presented this topic five years ago, Mesinger said the discussion was weighted toward aviation manufacturers and service providers looking for ways into the Chinese market.

While the upcoming presentation will address aspects of this market, many of those in-depth discussions have been incorporated into the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, which takes place in Shanghai each year, and is presented through a partnership between NBAA, the Shanghai Airport Authority, the Asian Business Aviation Association and the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The panel moderated by Mesinger and Lee will focus specifically on the experience of companies from around the world operating aircraft and doing business in China.

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