The Government Shutdown and Business Aviation

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Government Shutdown

On October 1, 2013, a government-wide shutdown went into effect, leading to work furloughs for hundreds of thousands of federal employees, and impacting services provided by nearly all government agencies. While the shutdown has not impacted basic aviation safety services, it has had a particularly intense impact on many aspects of business aviation, because it is an industry that is more regulated than other industries. As the shutdown unfolds, its effects are rippling across an essential American industry, which benefits citizens, companies and communities across the U.S. This content details what is known about the shutdown’s impact on business aviation, what actions NBAA is taking to bring the situation to the attention of Washington policymakers, and what steps NBAA Members and others in the business aviation community can take to support NBAA’s efforts in this regard.

Additional Shutdown Resources

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DOT Report: "Operations During a Lapse in Annual Appropriations, Plans by Operating Administration" (PDF)

For more information, or to report the impact of the government shutdown on your company, contact NBAA's Operation Services Group at