The Government Shutdown and Business Aviation

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Government Shutdown

On Jan. 20 2018, a government-wide shutdown went into effect, leading to work furloughs for hundreds of thousands of federal employees, and impacting services provided by nearly all government agencies. While the shutdown did not impacted basic aviation safety services, it could have had a particularly intense impact on many aspects of business aviation, because it is an industry that is more regulated than other industries.

On Jan. 22, Congressional negotiators and President Donald Trump have agreed to short-term legislation to end the government shutdown, restoring federal funding for an additional three weeks. Under the measure, all federal agencies reopened and are fully funded until Feb. 8. NBAA will continue to urge all sides to find a bipartisan way to approve a long-term spending bill, and to warn policymakers of the significant impact of another shutdown if no long-term agreement can be reached in three weeks. Read more.

2018 Shutdown Archive

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2013 Shutdown Archive

The previous federal government shutdown occurred Oct.1 to Oct. 16, 2013. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) indicated that during this shutdown 156 aircraft deliveries were delayed, which held up $1.9 billion worth of aviation assets.

During this shutdown NBAA and business aviation community urged policy makers to find a bi-partisan solution for reopening the FAA and resuming services essential for aviation industry.

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DOT Report: "Operations During a Lapse in Annual Appropriations, Plans by Operating Administration" (PDF)

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