Noise Abatement Program

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NBAA Endorses the Stage 4 Noise Standards

On February 26, NBAA filed comments with the FAA endorsing the proposed Stage 4 noise standards. NBAA pointed out that “the next generation of quieter Stage 4 aircraft already is being introduced in the business aviation community, and the proposed rule would insure uniformity throughout all ICAO member States.”

At the same time, NBAA strongly opposed the efforts of many in the airport community to use the proceeding to revisit existing rules with respect to Stage 2 aircraft under 75,000 pounds and Stage 3 aircraft. There are over two decades of laws, regulations and experience addressing noise issues arising with respect to non-Stage 4 aircraft, NBAA noted, and they have succeeded in substantially reducing the noise around airports. “NBAA and its members have a more than forty-year commitment to being good neighbors. In that spirit, the proposed rule will make airports even quieter than they are today and deserves to be finalized. But even good neighbors can insist that restrictive actions by airports be predicated on fact-based grounds that are non-discriminatory and reasonable.”

Download NBAA's comments on the Stage 4 Proposed Rule (9 KB, PDF)