Noise Abatement Program

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NBAA's Noise Abatement Program

NBAA-Recommended Noise Abatement Departure Procedure With High-Density Airport Option

  1. Climb at maximum practical rate not to exceed V2+20 KIAS (maximum pitch, attitude 20 degrees) to 1,000 feet AAE (800 ft. AAE at high density traffic airports) in takeoff configuration at takeoff thrust.
  2. Between 800 and 1,000 feet AAE, begin acceleration to final segment speed (VFS or VFTO) and retract flaps. Reduce to a quiet climb power setting while maintaining a rate of climb necessary to comply with IFR departure procedure, otherwise a maximum of 1,000 FPM at an airspeed not to exceed 190 KIAS, until reaching 3,000 feet AAE or 1,500 feet AAE at high density traffic airports. If ATC requires level off prior to reaching NADP termination height, power must be reduced so as not to exceed 190 KIAS.
  3. Above 3,000 feet AAE (1,500 feet at high density airports) resume normal climb schedule with gradual application of climb power.
  4. Ensure compliance with applicable IFR climb and airspeed requirements at all times.

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