Noise Abatement Program

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NBAA's Noise Abatement Program

NBAA-Recommended Noise Abatement Approach and Landing Procedure (VFR and IFR)

  1. Inbound flight path should not require more than a 25 degree bank angle to follow noise abatement track.
  2. Observe all airspeed limitations and ATC instructions.
  3. Initial inbound altitude for noise abatement areas will be a descending path from 2,500 feet AGL or higher. Maintain minimum maneuvering airspeed with gear retracted and minimum approach flap setting.
  4. During IMC, extend landing gear at the final approach fix (FAF), or during VMC no more than 4 miles from runway threshold.
  5. Final landing flap configuration should be delayed at the pilot’s discretion; however, the pilot must achieve a stabilized approach not lower than 500 feet during VMC or 1,000 feet during IMC. The aircraft should in full landing configuration and at final approach speed by 500 feet AGL to ensure a stable approach.
  6. During landing, use minimum reverse thrust consistent with safety for runway conditions and available length.

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