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Rockwell Collins to Restore Instrument Approaches to Software Database

Dec. 11, 2017

Rockwell Collins has developed a solution that will restore more than 10,000 instrument approaches to the software database, the company told NBAA and other industry stakeholders.

Company officials said they expect to release the updated database to subscribers and operators by the end of the day on Thursday, Dec. 14. This update will restore approaches that were removed due to software issues affecting low temperature environments and manual altitude entries during missed approaches.

Rockwell Collins will advise operators that the restored approaches are fully usable with the following limitations:

  • Operators should not use software-based temperature compensation for low temperature approaches. Instead, Rockwell Collins will advise operators to follow established FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization procedures for manual compensation during low temperatures.
  • Operators should not manually edit missed approach altitudes.

Operators should review the database for particular approaches as there may be other changes that are included as a result of other factors not covered by temperature compensation or manual altitude entires.

“NBAA and the business aviation community greatly appreciate Rockwell Collins’ dedication and commitment to safety during the development of this solution to address the challenges that have affected so many operators,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.