Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

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NBAA Urges Added Operator Vigilance Due to Increased Alerts, Notices This Cycle

Oct. 26, 2017

Driven by the number of new and revised instrument approach procedures, along with the usual number of last-minute changes to the Aeronautical Information Publications, Jeppesen has issued a higher than normal number of Nav/Chart Alerts for the current charting cycle, said Heidi Williams, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure.

To ensure operational safety, Williams urged added vigilance and reminded pilots to review these alerts as part of their chart subscriptions.

Subscribers can sign up to receive Jeppesen Aviation Notices and Alerts and link them to an RSS feed. Pull-down menus define the desired region, sub-region and publish date, followed by the options for NavData Alerts and NavData Changes Notices. Sign up for Aviation Notices and Alerts.

The alerts “supplement the NavData Notices by disseminating time-critical information that could have a significant impact on flight operations,” the web page explains. “Alerts contain safety-of-flight information including, but not limited to, incorrect turn directions, altitudes, airway changes and SID/STAR/approach procedures.”

Jeppesen also offers on-demand searches of Chart Change Notices that highlight significant changes on en route and terminal charts, as well as navigation data. Subscribers can search the change notices by output format (Jeppesen or ICAO) and by airport or flight information region. Search for notices.

Last-minute government changes to the data it provides to all commercial suppliers of navigation data was just one factor in this cycle’s high volume of alerts and change notices, said Williams. In addition, “there were edits to procedures that were not resolved in the last charting cycle, and obstructions that cause changes to procedures.”

The addition of new approaches designed for performance based navigation (PBN), and the changes to existing approaches to this new standard, represent the leading source of the alerts and changes, Williams added. Until the transition to PBN is complete, pilots should expect an increased number of alerts and change notices and subscribe to their distribution to maintain safety of flight.