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Jeppesen Previews Navigational Chart Design Changes

Aug. 26, 2016

Jeppesen is wrapping up a multi-year initiative that will result in significant enhancements to its SIDs and STARs charts – improvements that will help enhance pilots’ situational awareness.

Jeppesen Previews Navigational Chart Design Changes
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The company began its chart redesign effort more than two years ago, Jeppesen Airway Manual Services Aviation Portfolio Manager Andreas Windeck said during a recent NBAA webinar that gave association members an early look at the changes.

The chart redesign process included input from pilots and human factors experts. Jeppesen factored in best practices and real-world operational environment factors. The company validated proposed changes with international pilots worldwide, and then made further improvements.

“We wanted to make sure that the focus of our chart redesign efforts was centered on understanding pilots’ needs,” said Jeff Williams, a senior user-interface designer and human factors engineer at Jeppesen.

The final product will stand out from the familiar Jeppesen charts in several ways.

For example, the company is introducing colors to call attention to what pilots told the company is the most pertinent information. Among the color-coded changes are that altitude restrictions will appear in blue, while speed restrictions will be magenta.

“The prominent depiction draws attention to the important information,” Windeck said. “It’s intuitive for pilots to find that information and act accordingly.”

The new chart design also incorporates subtle graphics for key topographic features, such as a blue tint for water and shaded areas for mountains.

Another notable change: flight procedures on STAR and SID charts are shown to scale. While this necessitates making some charts larger, Jeppesen concluded that depicting procedures to scale improves situational awareness. It also enables use of an “own-ship” symbol when connected to a GPS.

The new charts also include features that will make them more user-friendly in electronic flight bags. One example is re-positioning text boxes so they are in more intuitive places.

Jeppesen’s library includes about 20,000 SID/STAR charts covering nearly 2,500 airports. The company plans to begin rolling out the new charts by year end, starting in Europe. Releases will follow in waves.

All charts at a given airport will be updated at the same time, so there won’t be a mix of the current and new chart designs covering a single facility.

View the Jeppesen SIDS and STARS webinar.