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Access to reliable internet on business aircraft is no longer considered a luxury; it is an expected feature that passengers rely on to maximize their productivity. With 98% of aircraft expected to have some level of connectivity within the next 15 years, operators are increasingly seeking cost-effective connectivity solutions.

To better meet the membership's needs on this subject, NBAA's Connectivity Subcommittee created a survey about connectivity usage and concerns. View the current results of the NBAA's connectivity survey.

  • Connectivity FAQs

    Connectivity FAQs

    Connctivity experts on NBAA's Maintenance Committee answer your most common questions about adding and troubleshooting onboard Wi-FI networks. Learn more.

Connectivity Subcommittee

Through the efforts of its Connectivity Subcommittee, NBAA is dedicated to addressing the need for improvements in aircraft cabin connectivity. A diverse group of operators (pilots, IT specialists, flight attendants and maintenance professionals) work with manufacturers, training and service providers to develop an industry-wide standard for integrating cabin electronic systems, identify best practices and knowledge to enhance the end user experience.

Establishing a knowledge base for common equipment, performance and serviceability standards are key goals of the subcommittee. Actionable objectives include:

  • Developing educational resources
  • Facilitating a freeflowing exchange of information with manufacturers and service providers to influence the direction of future developments and support initiatives in aircraft cabin connectivity
  • Advance training opportunities for support personnel including technicians, flight attendants and pilots

Latest Connectivity News

Connectivity Considerations for Medium-Cabin Aircraft
April 2, 2018
Connectivity systems have become essential technology for most business aircraft operators, and as service providers increase their offerings, operators have more choices. When evaluating connectivity options, some factors to consider are the size of antenna an aircraft can support and where the aircraft will operate, including international destinations. Learn more about connectivity considerations for medium-cabin business aircraft in the March/April 2018 Quick Turns section of Business Aviation Insider magazine.

Choosing the Right Data Router for Inflight Connectivitys
Nov. 4, 2017
As inflight connectivity becomes nearly indispensable to business aircraft passengers, more attention is being focused on routers, the gateways between devices and the internet. But getting high-end functionality on an aircraft can be costly, experts say. Choosing an aviation router is a matter of prioritizing desired functions. Learn more in the November/December 2017 issue of Business Aviation Insider.

Special Report: Business Aircraft Connectivity Achieves Major Milestones
Oct. 12, 2017
Not so long ago, connectivity aboard even the largest business aircraft was limited to things like basic internet access and email. "Today, connectivity providers are offering customers more choice and more flexible pricing models," said Charlie Clark of NBAA's Connectivity Subcommittee. "They're not offering one-size-fits-all models, and are more customer-centric," she said. For the latest on business aircraft connectivity milestones, read the November/December 2017 Business Aviation Insider special report.

Special Report: Connectivity
Dec. 12, 2016
The onboard connectivity market remains one of the hottest and fastest growing segments of business aviation and for good reason. Business aviation travelers and crews these days insist on being connected to the internet or cell systems to do everything from monitoring their email and surfing the web, to being able to “text and talk” using smartphones and other devices while en route. Read more in Business Aviation Insider.

Quick Turns: Explaining Inflight Wi-Fi’s Limitations
July 18, 2016
Equipping a stationary location is one thing. But outfitting a moving space – especially one that soars miles above the earth, over land and open ocean – is a bigger challenge. As an aircraft operator, understanding the capabilities and limitations of your aircraft’s connectivity systems is the best way to set expectations for your customers. Learn more about inflight wifi limitations.

Special Report: Cabin Connectivity Technology
Aug. 17, 2015
The world is becoming more interconnected by the second as the rapid advancement in “connectivity” technologies escalates at a dizzying pace. Smartphones, tablets and a host of other electronic devices for personal and business use are now commonplace. As a result, business travelers today expect to be connected to the office, clients, employees and their families and friends 24/7 no matter where they are, even if it’s from 40,000 feet in the air. Learn more about cabin connectivity technology.

OEM / Service Providers

The following service providers are able to assist you with your connectivity needs. Please note that this list is not complete nor does NBAA make any service recommendations. If you would like your organization added to this list, please contact us and provide your organization's name, website and a brief description of your services.