Tools Used for Traffic Flow Management

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High Density Traffic Airports (HDTA)

High Density Traffic Airports are specified in title 14 of the code of Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 93, Subpart K.  Further information can be found in FAA Advisory Circular 93-1A.

Currently, the following airports require unscheduled operations to acquire a reservation prior to operating at the airport:

  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Reservations can be obtained through the Airport Reservation Office (ARO), located at the ATCSCC, through a touchtone telephone service (800-875-9694), or via the Internet at  If there is difficulty in obtaining a reservation from one of the above sources, the ARO may also be contacted at 703-904-4452.

The only unscheduled flights accepted at the above airports without a reservation are emergency flights.  The FAA monitors compliance with the regulations and violators are cited.

DCA Operations

Effective August 15, 2005, charter and corporate aircraft are allowed into DCA, subject to certain regulations.  The process is complex and information and procedures can be found:

  • in the code of Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 93, Subpart K,
  • at - keyword "DCA",
  • or with the Department of Homeland Security- 49 CFR Parts 1520, 1540, and 1562
  • on the NBAA web site at