Traffic Flow Management Web Resources

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An advisory is a message that is disseminated electronically by the ATCSCC or ARTCC.  It contains information pertaining to the National Airspace System (NAS).  Advisories are normally used for the following:

  • Ground stops
  • Ground delay programs
  • Airspace flow programs
  • Route information
  • Planning telcon (PT) information
  • Facility outages
  • Volcanic activity bulletins
  • Special traffic management programs (STMP)

This list is not all-inclusive.  Anytime that there is information that may be beneficial to a large number of customers, an advsory may be sent.  There may be times when an advisory is not sent due to workload or due to the short duration of the activity.

Advisories are numbered sequentially from 001 beginning at 0000z each day.

US and Canadian advisories for the current day, as well as for the previous 14 days, can be accessed at

A list of terms contained in the database can be found at  Since advisories may be issued for unusual circumstances, not all terms will be included.  A flight service station should be able to provide further assistance.