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Major Taxiway Construction Project at Scottsdale Airport Begins Jan. 22

Jan. 10, 2018

Taxiway A at Scottsdale Airport (SDL) will be reconstructed from A1 to A10 over the course of five phases beginning Jan. 22. The project is expected to run through Aug. 22. The upper layer of pavement between A10 and A13 will be removed and replaced, and a sealcoat will be applied on the remainder of the taxiway from A13 to A16. The entire taxiway will also receive new LED taxiway lights and guidance signs.

Phase one of the project is at the south end of the airport and phase five is at the north end. The project will take approximately 210 days to complete.

The connector taxiways adjacent to the runway will need to be constructed at night while the runway is closed, therefore, there will be approximately 130 night closures between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. (0400-1300Z). The night closures will be spread out in varying blocks of time throughout the duration of the project.

Operators should monitor NOTAMs to determine times when the runway closure will occur.

Restricted access to portions of Taxiway A will require the ATC tower to cross the runway with arrival and departure aircraft to use Taxiway B when they normally would not. These impacts should be minimal, though the tower may pass back miles-in-trail restrictions to facilitate runway crossings.

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