Super Bowl LII

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FAA publishes Air Traffic Management Procedures for 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN

Updated Jan. 26, 2018

Those with companies whose business could take them to the Minneapolis, MN area Jan. 31-Feb. 5 will want to familiarize themselves with the FAA’s air traffic procedures NOTAM for the area on those dates. Super Bowl LII takes place on Sunday, Feb. 4, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, with kick-off set for 5:30 p.m. (CST).

Note that reservations will be required for arrivals and departures from Wednesday, Jan. 31 through Monday, Feb. 5 at 24 Minneapolis and surrounding-area airports. Reservations can be obtained through local FBOs.

  • Minneapolis−St Paul International/Wold−Chamberlain (MSP)
  • St Paul Downtown Holman Field (STP)
  • Anoka County−Blaine (Janes Field) (ANE)
  • Flying Cloud Airport (FCM)
  • Crystal Airport (MIC)
  • South St Paul Municipal−Richard E Fleming Field (SGS)
  • Airlake Airport (LVN)
  • Rochester International (RST)
  • Duluth International (DLH)
  • St Cloud Regional (STC)
  • Eau Claire Chippewa Valley Regional (EAU)
  • La Crosse Regional (LSE)
  • Mankato Regional (MKT)
  • Brainerd Lakes Regional (BRD)
  • Lake Elmo Airport (21D)
  • Buffalo Municipal (CFE)
  • Faribault Municipal−Liz Wall Strohfus Field (FBL)
  • New Richmond Regional (RNH)
  • L O Simenstad Municipal Osceola (OEO)
  • Maple Lake Municipal−Bill Mavencamp Sr Field (MGG)
  • Red Wing Regional (RGK)
  • Owatonna Degner Regional (OWA)
  • Austin Municipal (AUM)
  • Albert Lea Municipal (AEL)

Required Route Structures for Arrivals and Departures

Arrival Route Requirements: Thursday, Feb. 1, 6 a.m. (1200z) through Monday, Feb. 5, 8 p.m. (06/0200z)

The arrival route requirements are specific to arrivals into several Minneapolis-area airports (MSP/STP/LVN/FCM/MIC/ANE/SGS). They are broken into arrival airports and departing centers. These routes can be found in the FAA Air Traffic Management Procedures NOTAM.

Departure Route Requirements: Thursday, Feb. 1, 6 a.m. (1200z) through Monday, Feb. 5 8 p.m. (07/0200z)

The departure route requirements are specific to airport of origin and destination center and/or airport. The airports noted are MSP/ LVN/FCM/MIC/ANE/STP/SGS. These routes can be found in the FAA Air Traffic Management Procedures NOTAM.

Note: For STP departures headed to some ZNY and ZBW destinations, a fix along the required route, “SIKBO”, was misspelled as SIBKO. This cannot be corrected by NOTAM as the submission date has passed. Flight operators should file SIKBO (instead of SIBKO) for these specific routes.

The incorrect spelling of the fix does not exist in the NAS, which is fortunate – ATC will correct any flight plans for aircraft which become airborne with the incorrect fix.

View the FAA Air Traffic Management Procedures NOTAM in the NTAP. (PDF)

Super Bowl Special Event TFR

FDC NOTAM 8/1633 has been issued for the Minneapolis, MN area on Feb. 4, 2018.

A 10 nautical mile TFR ring centered on the MSP347004.7 prohibits GA operations at Minneapolis/St Paul International (MSP), St Paul Downtown Holman Field (STP), and Crystal Airport (MIC) from 1530 local (2130z) until 2359 local (0559z/05) on Feb. 4, 2018.

Due to their close proximity to the TFR, some approaches and/or departures for Anoka Co-Blain (ANE), Flying Cloud (FCM), and South St. Paul Municipal (SGS) may not be available while this TFR is in effect.

A 30 nautical mile TFR ring centered on the MSP347004.7 has additional restrictions between the 10 and 30 nautical mile areas from 1530 local (2130z) until 2359 local (0559z/05) on Feb. 4, 2018

Gateway Airport Procedures

Gateway airport procedures have been created by the TSA at Minneapolis St. Paul (MSP) and at St. Paul Downtown (STP) to accommodate general aviation DEPARTURES from these airports during the TFR. TSA screening will NOT be available for arrivals to MSP, STP, or MIC during the TFR.  

To arrange TSA departure screening out of MSP and STP during the TFR, flight operators must first obtain a “departure reservation” through their FBO of choice. If able to obtain a departure reservation, the flight operator must then pre-arrange TSA screening no less than 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure time by calling TSA at 612-486-5453. TSA screening reservations will be available beginning Feb. 1 at 0000 local.

TSA screening at MSP and STP will be available February 4 from 1630 local (2230z) until 2230 local (0430z/05).

FAA Super Bowl TFR Advisory

Visit the FAA's TFR web page to view the NOTAM text

Please note that additional TFRs will be issued if the President of the United States attends this event.

FAA ATC Air Traffic Management Initiatives

Air traffic management initiatives can be expected throughout the week and may include the following:

  • Ground Delay Programs
  • Airspace Flow Programs
  • Collaborative Trajectory Options Program
  • Time Based Metering
  • Miles in Trail
  • Airborne Holding
  • Ground Stops

The FAA has published a web page that contains all air traffic management related information for all of the Minneapolis-area airspace and airports. It will be updated as needed as additional information becomes available.

View the FAA’s Super Bowl LII web page.