Regional Issues - Southeast Region

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Savannah-Area Airports New Route Structure Effective April 26

April 20, 2018

Effective April 26, Jacksonville Center and Savannah TRACON will utilize structured routes for aircraft filed at or above 11,000 feet into and out of the Savannah, GA area. These routes will apply to an area defined as the SAV VOR 270 Radial clockwise through the SAV VOR 090 Radial. Aircraft to and from the South will continue to be handled as they are now.

  • Arrivals will be routed over the fixes LOTTS, PLZZZ and SOOOP
  • Departures will be routed via SMALZ or JROSS
  • Aircraft will be cleared via radar vectors to and from the pitch and catch points around the perimeter of SAV TRACON

View an FAA presentation regarding specifics of these new routes. (PDF)