Regional Issues

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At any given time, there are numerous airspace-related issues that NBAA would like its Members to be aware of. In order to make it easier for Members to locate issues most relevant to them, NBAA has categorized the current airspace issues by FAA Region.

Each FAA region contains 4 Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs).  Each of the regions is also overseen by an FAA representative – the FAA Systems Operations Director for Tactical Operations (DTO).  The map below shows the regions covered by the DTOs.

To view regional airspace news, click on the appropriate region below:

In addition there are other air traffic issues that span multiple regions.

FAA Releases Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM for Kentucky Derby
April 25, 2017
For those with business taking them to the Louisville, KY area the first week of May, the FAA has released has released an air traffic procedures NOTAM for the Louisville, KY area for May 3-7. The NOTAM provides details on how the agency will manage the expected air traffic for the Kentucky Derby, which takes place May 6.Learn more.
GPS Testing in Southeast U.S. in March and April
March 15, 2016
Due to military activity, the TCAS and ADS-B system may be less sensitive than normal in the airspace over portions of the Southeast U.S., and extending approximately 200 nautical miles offshore, between March 16 and April 14, between the surface and FL500. Learn more.
New York Metro Airspace Overview
The airspace in and around the New York City metro area is the most congested and complex airspace in the NAS. Learn more the area airports, common departure and arrival issues, and the route issues encountered in the New York metro airspace.
Winter Snowbird Traffic and VACAPES Airspace
During certain times of the year, particularly during the winter, seasonal traffic between the northeastern US and Florida increases dramatically. Offshore radar routes, and in some cases the Virginia Capes Operating Area (VACAPES), can be used to reduce congestion.
Ski Country Special Traffic Management Program
The Ski Country Special Traffic Management Program is run annually from about Thanksgiving through mid-April in order to control the IFR arrival rates into Aspen-Pitkin County/Sardy Field (ASE), Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), Rifle/Garfield County Field Airport (RIL), Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ), Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) and Grand Junction Walker Field Airports (GJT).

FAA Region Map

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