New York Metro Airspace Overview

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October 17, 2011

New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia: 2A Airspace Redesign

There will be numerous changes to airspace procedures on Thursday, October 20, 2011, associated with the New York, New Jersey 2A Airspace Redesign. The significant changes will be an additional west gate departure fix and a new RNAV STAR into Washington/Dulles from the North. The following information provides specifics for the 2A Airspace Redesign changes expected on October 20.

  1. Addition of NY Metro Westgate departure fix north of ELIOT (named NEWEL) to facilitate better access to J80, Q42, J60, and J64. The ELIOT departure fix will be replaced by ZIMMZ and will be used for J80, Q480 and Q42. NEWEL will be used for J60 and J64. This mitigates a choke point over ELIOT and enables more efficient access to westbound routes.
  2. New routing for Dulles/IAD arrivals from the North via the HYPER RNAV STAR which will segregate IAD traffic from NY Metro area westbound departures. Currently, IAD arrivals must descend through the NY departure stream. The new separated routes will enable better climbs and fewer vectors for NY Metro area departures and more optimal descents for IAD arrivals.
  3. Establish three new Q routes and realign Q42 to reduce converging en route flows that resulted from dependency on ground based NAVAIDs. New Q route segments permit alignment with new NY departure fixes.
Review a presentation detailing the changes (13 MB, PDF).

Additional Notes

In order to mitigate JFK ground issues the WHITE/WAVEY shuffle will occur during peak JFK departure periods (morning and afternoon/early evening hours). The WHITE/WAVEY shuffle will move aircraft off of JFK/FRG filed over WAVEY over to WHITE and aircraft off of LGA and HPN filed over WHITE to WAVEY.

Departing JFK and FRG Aircraft filed on J60/J64 via NEWEL will proceed to NEWEL via the DEEZ1 SID. All other flights out of JFK/FRG filed westbound will continue to use the RBV departure fix.

Summary of Changes

  • 21 amended SIDS and STARS
  • 22 sector boundary changes
  • 3 new Q (RNAV) routes
  • 5 realigned routes
Please contact NBAA's Dean Snell at for additional information.