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Van Nuys Airport (VNY) – Van Nuys, CA

Van Nuys Presents Inaugural Fly Friendly Award to 20 Noise-Conscious Business Jet Operators

May 31, 2013

Recognizing their voluntary efforts to consistently reduce their noise signatures on departure from Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) presented its Fly Friendly Awards for 2012 to 20 business jet operators at a recent Board of Airport Commissioners meeting.

With at least 60 southbound departures during the calendar year, the recipients earned the award by not violating Van Nuys' noise abatement and curfew regulations, the non-additional jet rule and the noisier jet phase out. Recipients also exhibited exemplary compliance with the airport's No Early Turn and the Quiet Jet Departure programs.

The Fly Friendly Class of 2012 is Airbar, CitationAir, Clay Lacy Aviation, Dreamline Aviation, Flexjet, Flight Options, Glenbrook Capital Logistics, Green Two, Jet-Alliance, JetSuite, Leonard Green & Partners, NetJets, NVJETS, Paramount Pictures Corporate Aviation, Space Exploration Technologies Group, Travel Management Company, Tutor-Saliba Corporation, TWC Aviation, West Coast Charters and XOJET.

Operators did not apply nor submit any paperwork to earn the award, said Van Nuys Public & Community Relations Director Diana Sanchez. The airport's Noise Management Office tracks all airport operations, which average 260,000 a year and lists those operators that meet the award's requirements each calendar year.

Van Nuys is one of several area airports owned and operated by LAWA, a self-supporting branch of the City of Los Angeles. LAWA established the Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program for jets in 1994. The award is the result of two noise surveys, one conducted under Parts 150 and 161 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Analysis of the voluntary Fly Friendly program revealed "no obvious bad performers" and a significant 2.2-dB reduction in the single-event noise exposure level. This led to new Quiet Departure Target Noise Levels in 2012, which cover 46 different aircraft with targets ranging between 90 and 110 dB.

As noted on the Van Nuys' website, "an important element of the program is a 'letter of commitment' in which jet operators agree to use quiet-departure procedures not to exceed target decibel levels on takeoff" by employing "noise abatement techniques as outlined in manufacturers' operating manuals or National Business Aviation Association Noise Abatement Program."