Airports Publications

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Airports Publications

Updated in 2013, the NBAA Airports Handbook makes a compelling case for the importance of airports and their economic and social contributions to surrounding communities and the nation. Full of facts, charts and narratives that demonstrate how valuable airports are, the publication was written specifically for the “non-aviator” and is an ideal resource for NBAA Members to give to elected officials, civic organizations, the news media and others who would benefit from the up-to-date, persuasive information on such topics as economic impact, noise, safety and environmental considerations.

As a companion to the Airports Handbook, NBAA’s brand-new Airport Advocate Guide provides step-by-step guidance for those who wish to advocate for their local general aviation airport. Developed by airport experts on NBAA’s staff and Access Committee, the booklet contains a wealth of information about how to organize and build community support for your airport, how to work with the news media, and how to find or even calculate the economic value of the airport to your region.

Learn more about the work of the NBAA Access Committee.

  • Airport Handbook

    Airports Handbook

    A favorite Member reference for nearly two decades, this newly updated publication makes a compelling case for the importance of general aviation airports and their economic and social contributions to surrounding communities and the nation. Learn more.

  • Airport Advocate Guide

    Airport Advocate Guide

    NBAA's brand-new airports advocacy publication provides step-by-step guidance, checklists and detailed information for individuals and groups who are involved in promoting and advocating for their community airport. Learn more.

Obtaining Copies

Each of these sister publications is available in both print and PDF formats. Printed copies are available free of charge to both Members and non-Members upon request by placing an order via the secure online order form. A mailing fee may be charged for bulk orders.

Download the Airports Handbook in PDF format.

Download the Airport Advocate Guide in PDF format.

NBAA also has developed a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes to be used in conjunction with the Airports Handbook at community events.

Download the PowerPoint presentation (2.4 MB, PPT)

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