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NBAA Webinar Helps Airport Officials Understand the Needs of Business Aviation

July 16, 2017

One of the roles of NBAA’s regional representatives is to build relationships with other aviation stakeholders so various segments of the industry better understand each other and can advance their shared agendas.

When the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) approached NBAA about collaborating on a webinar, it was a great opportunity for Kristi Ivey, NBAA’s Northwest regional representative. Ivey recruited several business aircraft operators to speak to NASAO members about business aviation in general and provide the airport officials a better understanding of the airport selection process from a business aircraft operator’s perspective.

Presenters for the June 7 webinar included: Ed Oshinski, chief aviation engineer for TXDOT; Aymie Thornton, flight operations manager for JCPenney; Linda Burton Ricks, a Challenger 300 pilot and executive director of Tuckaire, Inc.; and Ivey. They discussed various issues, including the roles that flight operations decision-makers play in airport selection, and how airports can make improvements to attract more business aircraft operators.

Thornton explained the specific airport requirements for operating a large-cabin business jet. “I described the airport selection process of a large Part 91 department. JCPenney has been in business aviation for over 50 years, and the size of our aircraft and airport needs have changed.”

Ivey discussed how NASAO officials could access NBAA’s airport resources, including the association’s Airports Handbook and Airport Advocate Guide. View NBAA’s airport resources.

Ivey said the webinar was a success that built upon NBAA’s relationship with NASAO.

“NBAA was one of the inaugural ‘Friends of NASAO,’ and we at NBAA have valued our relationship with NASAO for many years,” Ivey said. “NBAA regional reps and other staff have attended, sponsored and presented at NASAO's annual conference each year for over a decade, and we plan to continue these collaborative efforts going forward.

“I am excited to report that a reciprocal session about building aviation stakeholder relationships at the state and local level will be offered at NBAA's Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in February 2018,” she added.