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Major Runway Rehabilitation Project Continues at McCarran International Airport

Oct. 7, 2015

A major rehabilitation of Runway 25R/7L at Las Vegas, NV's McCarran International Airport (LAS) continues with a planned closure beginning Oct. 28 and running through May 1, 2016.

This is the final phase of the rehabilitation project. The first phase was completed earlier this year.

During the runway closure, operators can expect a variety of traffic management initiatives to include the following if demand exceeds capacity:

  • One: Mile in trail
  • Two: TMA/TBFM metering from airports located in adjacent enroute centers (ZLA/ZOA/ZAB)
  • Three: Ground delay programs
  • Four: Ground stops

Multiple Runway Configurations During Project

There will be four possible runway configurations during the rehabilitation project. The majority of the time (approximately 66 percent) airport officials should use configuration three, which provides the highest arrival/departure rates. FAA traffic management initiatives are more likely when utilizing configuration one or four. A breakdown of the configurations and associated arrival/departures rates are available in an FAA power point presentation.

View the FAA presentation. (PDF)