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Government Shutdown Expected to Have Limited Immediate Impact on Essential Aviation Safety Services

September 30, 2013

As the clock was ticking down to an anticipated federal government shutdown on Tuesday, Oct. 1, NBAA representatives were in communication with officials at various government agencies to discuss the ramifications of the shutdown, and ensure that services essential to the safe and efficient operation of business aircraft would not be adversely affected.

According to DOT planning documents, nearly 15,000 of FAA’s 46,000 employees could be furloughed if Congress does not take action today to continue to fund federal government operations. That said, “life and safety” positions – essentially everyone in the agency’s Air Traffic Organization – would be exempt from the furloughs, leading to the assumption that air traffic control services would not be immediately impacted. NBAA will keep Members informed as more details become available about the potential impact of a government shutdown on aviation services.

Review the DOT Report "Operations During a Lapse in Annual Appropriations, Plans by Operating Administration" (PDF)

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