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In This Issue: FAA Releases Final Policy on IAP Cancellations and more.
NBAA Update
 July 9, 2018 Subscribe to NBAA Update  


FAA Releases Final Policy on IAP Cancellations
The FAA has published its final policy governing cancellation of certain standard instrument approach procedures (IAPs), including circling approaches and circling approach minima. NBAA was a member of the RTCA Tactical Operations Committee tasked with reviewing the FAA's procedures and providing recommendations to the agency on the proposed cancellation criteria and process. While NBAA urged officials to "hit the pause button" with those plans to ensure IAP cancellations did not curtail access to airports and airspace utilized by business aircraft operators, the agency opted to move forward. Read more.


NBAA Recognizes Critical Step in Modernizing European Aviation Safety
NBAA recognized the Council of the European Union’s (EU’s) recent approval of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) new Basic Regulation, which establishes a standard of safety across all EU member states. The new regulation is intended to modernize the agency, establish guidelines for its interactions with other regulators and mandate a risk-based approach to regulating. “The new Basic Regulation will aid in EASA’s modernization of its regulatory responsibilities,” said Doug Carr, NBAA’s vice president of international and regulatory affairs. Learn more about the new Basic Regulation.

New Departure Procedure at Eagle County Highlights NBAA, FAA Collaboration
A new instrument departure at Colorado’s Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), which will not require prior authorization and training – or advanced required navigation performance (A-RNP) capability – will be published later this month, marking the culmination of a collaboration between NBAA and the FAA. The new BEVVR RNAV SID for EGE will replace the COTTONWOOD TWO special-departure procedure that non-authorized operators were occasionally using, despite the requirement for prior training and authorization. BEVVR is effective as of July 19. Read more about changes at EGE.

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Podcast: Tips for Flying to Mexico
Cabotage rules in Mexico are different from those in other countries, but if operators keep some simple concepts in mind, their trips should go smoothly. For example, a charter or non-scheduled operator cannot make more than two stops within the country. Juan Muniz, of Universal Weather and Aviation, offers more tips on flying to Mexico in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.

NBAA Offers Resource on Simplifying Special Authorizations
NBAA's Domestic Operations Committee has developed a resource that provides background information on the origins of special authorizations, advice on where to find information on specific authorizations and examples of best practices aviation managers – from single-pilot operations to multi-crew flight departments – can use to obtain the appropriate authorizations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2018 Business Aviation insider Photo Contest Now Open
Share your passion for the industry by entering the 2018 Business Aviation Insider photo contest. Photo entries can show a day on the job, a recent mission or some other scene that highlights your business aircraft and flight operations. Submit photos through via NBAA’s website or Instagram, and you’ll be entered in the Business Aviation Insider Photo Contest. The contest is open through Aug. 5.

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Removing Barriers to Sustainable Fuels Adoption

Jet fuels derived from renewable energy sources aren’t a far-off dream. Multiple technology paths exist to produce such fuels, and innumerable test flights over the past decade have consistently demonstrated their equal performance to conventional Jet A. Lowering costs and increasing choices will make sustainable alternatives to jet fuel an easier option. Read more in Business Aviation Insider.

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